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The following case histories are real examples of Pinnacle Reputation’s expertise in building positive reputations by super-promoting client-driven branded content. And when required, demote negative, unwanted content. Click on the headline to expand. 

What is OBRM?

OBRM stands for Online Brand Reputation Management. This term applies to methodologies that strengthen and protect a brand’s online image.

Essentially, OBRM ensures that the way your company looks online helps it reach its short-term and long-term goals.

A good OBRM campaign combines the high-level technological capabilities needed to modify search rankings with targeted marketing savvy needed to make sure that those modifications are effective and useful to your company.

What types of companies use your services?

Online brand reputation management is becoming, to a larger and larger extent, a basic part of many companies’ marketing and business development efforts.

Traditionally, only companies that suffered severe reputation issues would take advantage of the ability to tweak search engine results. Nowadays, all companies see the value in a positive online image, and many are willing to take proactive steps to achieve that image.

A well-managed online brand reputation brings in new customers, drives revenue into a company, and improves investor relations. All kinds of companies would be enriched by Pinnacle Reputation’s services, and we have clients of every type.

No company is too big or too small to use OBRM, and no online brand reputation is so good or so bad that it can’t benefit from some proactive management.

Why does a company need OBRM?

All companies need online brand reputation management because without it there is no way a company can have a fully optimized, cohesive online brand image.

Instead of managing search engine results in a way that promotes their brand, many companies simply leave their online brand image up to chance. Because their online brand reputation isn’t specifically negative, they don’t go through any effort to improve it. Unfortunately, companies who don’t engage in OBRM services are letting a potential source of positive publicity go to waste—and opening themselves up to having their brand’s reputation tarnished down the road.

OBRM helps companies build and protect an online reputation that aligns with their goals.

How does Pinnacle Reputation measure success?

At Pinnacle Reputation, we strive to help our clients reach their real-world goals—be that goal an increase in new business, a successful product launch, or simply an improved corporate image.

Pinnacle Reputation has several proprietary methodologies we use to measure the success of our campaigns. Our proprietary “Severity Report” brings together a variety of metrics that measure a new client’s current online brand reputation, thus giving us a starting point as we set the project’s scope.

As we move forward in the campaign, we collaborate with the client to set concrete goals each step of the way and work to achieve them at each phase of the project. Thus we improve client’s brand image baseline, and update our goals with each new achievement.

For Pinnacle Reputation, our clients’ success is our success, and we act accordingly.

Do you guarantee results?

The dynamic nature of search engine algorithms makes it nearly impossible to guarantee any specific deliverables. If a reputation management company claims to guarantee extreme results or makes promises that seem too good to be true, be cautious. At Pinnacle Reputation, we deal with our clients honestly, which is why we will never make a guarantee unless we are absolutely sure we can back it up.

However, at Pinnacle Reputation we do promise to provide an objective evaluation of our clients’ brand reputation, set achievable goals, and then do everything in our power to achieve them.

Which search engines could your services be tailored toward?

Our specialties include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL.

How do you price your services and what will it cost us to offer them to our clients?

Most ORM agencies provide a one-size-fits-all SEO service. Because all their clients get the same service, these agencies can provide quick and easy estimates.

At Pinnacle Reputation, however, we believe that online brand reputation management is part of a larger, integrated branding and marketing strategy. We pride ourselves on providing custom-tailored solutions for our clients. The services we provide depend on our clients’ needs and individual situations. To learn more about our pricing, call 877-519-1960 so one of our experts can perform an assessment and make an estimate.

How do you incorporate major websites into your OBRM efforts?

Twitter, Trip Advisor, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest—content on all these major websites (and others) can keep a company from having the positive online brand image it wants, and Pinnacle Reputation can manage them all using high-level OBRM techniques.

Should a client come with specific keywords and websites for Pinnacle Reputation to focus on, or can Pinnacle Reputation determine what strategy will be most effective?

If you have a specific reputation issue you need corrected, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what keywords you want to target. If you simply want to build up your online brand image, you might not know where to begin.

In any case, Pinnacle Reputation performs advanced diagnostics and analyses user traffic to discover the best way to structure each new client’s campaign. We work with the clients to determine which keywords to focus on, and then we create a campaign that repairs any reputation damage, builds up a strong positive image, and protects the company by installing a buffer against future issues.

How do you handle changes in search engine algorithms?

Search engines like Google and Yahoo regularly update their algorithms in order to better choose relevant links for each keyword. This means that a good OBRM agency must be flexible and agile enough to keep up with the times.

At Pinnacle Reputation, we take a dynamic, diversified approach to reputation management. Instead of putting all our eggs in one basket, we employ a wide range of search engine management techniques. Thus, a few changes to a search engine algorithm won’t have a strong effect on Pinnacle Reputation’s OBRM services. Furthermore, Pinnacle Reputation’s experts constantly analyze and monitor search engine algorithms and adjust their tactics accordingly.

At Pinnacle Reputation, our goal is always making a long-term, sustainable improvement to our client’s online brand reputation. Our tech experts have years of experience and have seen dozens of updates to the major search algorithms, and we know how to create long-lasting, highly effective campaigns that withstand such updates.

How and why are you better than the competitive services?

Simply put, Pinnacle Reputation has proprietary methodologies that combine world-class marketing and business development expertise with high-level SEO and reputation management methodologies. We are a boutique agency that provides custom-designed campaigns to our clients, unlike many of our competitors, who use cookie-cutter methodologies and ham-fisted automated systems.