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Search is a Powerful Branding Tool. Don’t Go Without it!

Never underestimate the power of search as you market your brand.

Many of your potential clients will first encounter your brand in the results of a search engine such as Google. But what will they see when they do? Will they even find your services?

Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize that, with the right partner, it is possible to influence organic search results in a way that positively impacts their brand. As a result of this oversight, they don’t take any proactive steps to optimize the search results relating to their brand or products. For them, a good-enough (or sometimes even negative) brand image online is an acceptable state of affairs.

Consumers are increasingly relying on Internet searches as they evaluate which brands to do business with. Poor visibility, bad reviews, or simply an unfocused brand image will spell slowed business and less revenue for a company. Nowadays, improving search results is a vital part of any comprehensive marketing or branding campaign.

But how can a company help its brand image reach full potential online?

A company must focus on optimizing “touch points”—that is, increasing the frequency with which a user will encounter the company’s brand and then making sure that those encounters work toward the company’s goals.

Many people base their entire opinion about a company on what they see on the Internet. And if your company has low visibility or an unclear brand image, most users (if they even find you) will just move on.

Do you have a specific product you’d like to sell? People are searching for that product online. Whether your company’s name comes up as an option—and what your company looks like when it does come up—is the difference between a sale and a lost customer.

Do you have a weak online image? Most companies do, simply because they don’t make any effort to strengthen it. The good, bad, and neutral are all mixed together, so consumers get at best an ambivalent impression of the company and at worst a disagreeable one.

Do you have a negative online image? Nobody wants to be duped, and even a single negative review of your products or a negative post about your brand will cause many of your potential customers to write you off completely. The best solution is to make the offending post less visible.

The first step to improving your brand’s online image is to be cognizant of it. The next is to find a partner who can help you promote your brand on search engine results pages.

Pinnacle Reputation is an Online Brand Reputation Management (OBRM) firm that combines advanced technological techniques with world-class marketing savvy to help its clients achieve an online brand image that aligns with their goals. To learn more about Pinnacle Reputation, call 877-519-1960.